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I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about our little company and how we came to be.

In 2018, I was living in Paris working at Louis Vuitton as a buyer of raw materials. Growing up I'd never owned a dog (though I'd desperately wanted one!), and at that time I'd finally reached a point in my life where it would be possible to welcome my own little furry friend to our home.

Enter Pablo.

To say I was obsessed with Pablo from Day 1 would be an understatement! I spent what my partner referred to as an unhealthy amount of time researching everything I could about puppy training techniques, nutrition, de-worming medications, you name it!

One thing really stood out to me as I looked at the landscape of companies providing doggy toys, collars, coats, etc: dog owners really had only 2 types of products to choose from:

1. Cheap, mass-produced, crudely made items of poor quality materials

2. Extremely expensive niche luxury branded items - quite inaccessible 

It was then that the idea for DoggySquad was born: a concept store featuring premium independent brands and designers from all over the world with a focus on handmade, high-quality materials that always put the dog's comfort front and centre.

I drew from my career as a buyer of high-quality materials and spent the next year sourcing brands from all over the world to bring the best I could find to the UK market. 

In May 2020, DoggySquad went live! We now feature over 30 brands, most of whom are two- or three-person shops themselves with amazing stories on how they came to develop beautiful and ethical products to make our pups happy.

Now you can find jumpers from an alpaca family farm in Peru, reclaimed ocean plastic beds from Italy, and eco-friendly raincoats from Spain all in one store. That's not to mention our local suppliers that complete our selection beautifully with their products made right here in Britain.

And because they're all part of the DoggySquad collection, we guarantee their quality and comfort for your dog. Pablo personally approves every item!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us, and please feel free to reach out if you ever have any questions or requests, or if you just want to say hi!

Marie & Pablo

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