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Even the most well-behaved dogs sometimes have a difficult time sitting still for a good brushing session, so why not make it easier on both of you by making use of this nimble finger glove? No more poking and prodding with a tool designed for a human's mouth. You'll find you're much more willing to administer a quick brush on a frequent basis when it doesn't present such a hassle, and that's ultimately what leads to better oral hygiene for your pup.

Slip your index finger into the finger cot while pulling the safety loop over your middle finger. Slightly moisten the tip of the finger cot. Clean all sides of each tooth with light circular movements. Following this, you can then massage the gums and clean the tongue. After each use, rinse with warm water and allow to dry.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Julia Kendell
Finally something that my pup doesn't mind!

Such a great idea and works a treat. My pup has never liked plastic finger toothbrushes or any alternative. She lets me get right into her mouth with this.

C. Ward
Handy hand brush

A nifty way to keep our little pups teeth clean. Much easier than trying to get a toothbrush near her mouth without her running away scared.

Lily Kemp
Super easy

Simple concept but works so well. I can make sure I cover all his teeth with the glove.

Soft,simple and effective!

Have tried conventional canine tooth brushes I found I couldn’t reach the larger teeth at the back. This tooth brush is much gentler and easily slides along the gums and reaches the back teeth. So simple. And gently effective. Such a clever idea! Thank you.

Brilliant little product

I'd been using a plastic finger-toothbrush from a pet store, and a double-ended plastic toothbrush, but this soft fingerglove is so much better than both of those. With the soft fingerglove I can feel each of my Frenchy's teeth and know that I've cleaned them when 'brushing' them with this nimble little glove, where I couldn't with the plastic ones. The fingerglove is easy to keep clean, and she doesn't chew on my finger whilst having her teeth cleaned, as she accepts my finger in her mouth as compared to a hard plastic thing which she just basically wants to bite on.

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