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A festive gift box for your lucky pup!
Treat your dog to a box of 12 numbered gifts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. Includes a selection of natural treats and a toy.

Natural Treats 
No Artificial Additives
100% Natural, Hand-Made Toys
Eco-Friendly Packaging
Made in Britain

Christmas Bites 20g 100% salmon dog treats that are tasty, natural and healthy Composition: 100% Salmon
Nutritional analysis: Energy (kcal/100g) 383, Energy (kj/100g) 1622 Analytical Constituents: 48.8% Crude protein, 5.5% Fats & Oils, 0.1% Fibre, 0.1% Ash

Cod Wreath 9cm Long lasting, 100% cod skin, natural and healthy chew Composition: 100% Cod skin
Analytical Constituents: 70.3% Protein, 15.7% Crude Oil & Fat, 4.4% Crude Ash, 0.5% Crude Fibres

Mrs Cook’s 30g Low fat fish and potato biscuits
Composition: 60% Whitefish, 40% Potato
Analytical Constituents: 20.8% Crude Protein, 0.6% Crude Oil & Fat, 2% Crude Ash, 0.2% Crude Fibres Nutritional analysis Per 100g: Energy (kcal/100g) 338, Energy (kj/100g) 1435

Mr Fisher’s 30g Healthy 100% fish skin treats 

Fish Fingers 24g Tasty 100% fish skin chews
Composition: 100% fishskin
Nutritional analysis Per 100g: Energy (kcal/100g): 374. Energy (kj/100g): 1586 Analytical Constituents: 7.13% Moisture, 2.56% Fat, 87.8% Crude Protein, 11.7% Ash, 1.0% Crude Fibre, 14.7% Nitrogen

Rope Toy 20cm Natural handmade cotton toy

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